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Welcome to the online portfolio of Juno Creative.
Below is a showcase of some of our logo design projects.

Juno is a Melbourne creative design studio, focusing on:
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A logo, put simply, is a way of identifying your business or product through the use of typography and a mark or symbol. An effective logo should:

    • communicate what you do and who you are (although not literally)
    • be visually appealing for your target market
    • be recognisable and memorable (best achieved through simplicity)
    • be adaptable in order to reproduced at any size, in any medium

It is important to understand your own business objectives and really know your target audience and design for them. If the above principles are followed, you’re well on your way to designing and effective and successful logo. We work with businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large companies to produce logos that are unique and capture your target market.

Once your logo is developed, we recommend creating a strong brand identity to support your brand as a whole. A logo is merely a part of this brand identity, which is essentially a set of visual guidelines (usually through a style guide) to ensure brand recognition and consistency. This means that when any visual communication, whether it be stationery, marketing collateral, advertisements, packaging etc. is produced for your business or product, your message is clear and on-brand. We can work with you to develop a brand identity to support your brand as a whole.